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A Pioneer of Cyber Security in Japan, having more than twenty year experience of red team and blue team including advanced threat hunting operation

Mitsui Bussan Secure Directions, Inc. (MBSD) has been a leading Japanese provider of cyber security services, since its foundation in 2001. MBSD delivers cutting-edge cyber security services through its red team, blue team, and its dedicated professionals for customers.

Red Team

"Red Team" refers to a group of cybersecurity experts who simulate cyber-attacks against an organization to test and evaluate its security posture, including its attack surface. Drawing inspiration from military war games, the Red Team adopts the tactics, techniques, and procedures of real-world adversaries. The goal is not to cause harm but to uncover vulnerabilities and weaknesses before malicious hackers can exploit our customers. By mimicking real-world attacks, Red Teams provide organizations with valuable insights into their defensive capabilities, allowing for a proactive approach to enhancing a customer’s cybersecurity defenses, including its Attack Surface Management (ASM) strategies. In the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats, Red Team remains a critical tool to ensure robust security.

Our Red Team is one of the largest and most excellent vulnerability assessment and penetration test team in Japan with lots of ethical hackers providing manual assessment and test with its inhouse scan technology. The red team also provides advanced penetration test for automobiles connected to the internet, industry control systems, and various devices and machines as requested by customers.

Blue Team

Our “Blue Team” was established in 2001 as a SOC pioneer in Japan and has been providing the managed security services for various gateway devices such as IDS/IPS, UTM, web application firewalls and sandboxes. In 2013 the blue team expanded and redefined its operations into a new advanced SOC model and the team has been providing the threat hunting SOC services on a full turnkey outsourcing basis to Japanese large organizations including the global companies and medical network. The blue team uses best of the breed technologies such as SIEM (Security Information and Event Management), EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) and the commercially available threat intelligence data from the world-class intelligence vendors but blended with the blue team experts’ own detection and correlation logics and rulesets. The threat hunting SOC has a dedicated team for each customer and is different from MSSP or MDR business model which provides alert and first aid response from their SOCs to many customers. The MBSD threat hunting SOC does not only provide alert and first aid response but also further investigation to make a total attack chain identified as much as possible by collecting more, longer, and extensive log collection and its blue team expert analysis.