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Managed Security Services

Vigilant protection you can trust

Since its pioneering inception in 2001, MBSD-SOC has a track record and experience of monitoring a wide range of industries, from government agencies to enterprise companies.

What is Security Monitoring?

Experienced security analysts at MBSD Security Operations Center (MBSD-SOC) monitor customer systems 24/7, 365 days a year. With the unique features of MBSD-SOC, such as multifaceted analysis and maximizing the use of security devices, we identify genuine threats to our clients. By using our service, you can reduce your operational burden and maintain the safety of your systems.

Key Features of our service

  • Improved notification accuracy through multifaceted analysis by security analysts: Most security devices are designed to "detect anything suspicious", which leads to a large number of false positives. MBSD-SOC conducts multifaceted and accurate alert analysis, such as "packet payload analysis" and "response analysis", by our security analysts. As a result, only attack alerts that truly require customer verification are notified, significantly reducing the operational burden on the customer.
  • Security analysts optimize monitoring target devices according to the customer environment: All challenging policy tunings, like false positive judgments for monitoring target devices, are handled by MBSD-SOC. We establish and maintain optimal policies tailored to the customer's environment, maximizing the capabilities of the monitored devices.
  • Increased attack detection rate through MBSD custom signatures: Over the years, MBSD-SOC has developed numerous custom signatures. By adding MBSD-SOC's custom signatures to the monitoring devices, we can detect attacks that can't be identified with manufacturer signatures alone.
  • Visualization of threats through Web Portal & Monthly Reports: Our web portal and monthly reports provide insights into threats and the effectiveness of monitoring. The web portal offers detailed information on alert detection statuses. Monthly reports not only include incident and alert detection statuses but also provide insights on attack detection trends and security information within MBSD-SOC.
  • Reliable 24/7 support by security analysts: Our specialized security analysts monitor customer networks 24/7. In case of detecting a dangerous attack, we support through both email and phone. Our support lines (phone and email) are available 24/7, ensuring peace of mind even during nights and holidays.
  • MBSD-SOC boasts about 20 years of trust and achievements: MBSD-SOC has been providing security monitoring services since 2001. We bring with us nearly two decades of proven trust and accomplishments.
    • Benefits of Choosing 'Manages Security':

      • Peace of Mind: Rest easy knowing that your digital assets are under the constant vigilance of one of Japan's leading security solutions.
      • Enhanced Productivity: With security concerns out of the way, your team can focus on what they do best—innovate and grow your business.
      • Cost-Efficient: Proactively safeguarding your systems with 'Manages Security' can save significant costs associated with data breaches and system downtimes in the long run.
        • Reputation Management: In an age where data breaches can lead to significant reputational damage, 'Manages Security' acts as your digital shield, ensuring your business's integrity remains untarnished.