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Mitsui Bussan Secure Directions

A Pioneer of Cyber Security in Japan, having more than twenty year experience of red team and blue team including advanced threat hunting operation

We stand as one of the premier collectives of cybersecurity experts in Japan. Not only are we renowned for our advanced capabilities in security assessments, penetration testing, malware analysis, threat hunting, and forensics, but we are also equipped with a broad spectrum of knowledge spanning security infrastructure, operations, compliance, and analytical prowess. We offer tailored consulting and technical services to meet the unique business processes of our clients across various sizes and industries.

We've developed our own SIEM, and our Advanced SOC/Threat Hunting team ensures the safety of your global networks through consolidated log monitoring, remote forensics, and incident response. By actively harnessing AI and big data, we analyze a vast array of event logs, correlating data to visualize and predict threats. Furthermore, we deliver extensive security consulting, tackling consulting for industry control systems, commonly known as Operational Technology (OT), and penetration testing for modern building operational systems.

In times of crisis, our highly specialized malware analysis team acts swiftly, conducting meticulous static analyses, and is fully committed to investigating the root cause. This team is stringent in information management, prioritizing the mitigation of data breach risks.

With over two decades of extensive experience and a track record, we are recognized for our technical excellence. We're not only approached by private companies but also by sectors like space and defense industries, where unparalleled security measures are a necessity.

Japan's Premier Cybersecurity Firm

  • Over 20 years of delivering security services
  • Japan's elite and largest collective of ethical hackers with over 270 vulnerability discoveries
  • Real-time penetration testing on client systems/networks; Regular hosting of security contests for tech students; Numerous appearances and exhibits at national and international conferences
  • Developing our own SIEM since 2001; Our Advanced SOC/Threat Hunting team protects client global networks
  • Specialized research team analyzing malware; Holding U.S. and Japan patents for malware detection and defense technology
  • Consultants providing extensive support from preventative measures to emergency incident responses
  • Proactively addressing advanced fields like AI and control system security

A Vast Global Network

  • Collaborating closely with the global network of Mitsui & Co., spanning countries like the U.S. and Israel; Collecting security threat intelligence; Evaluating and analyzing cutting-edge global security solutions; Acquiring advanced examples and early adoption through business partnerships with influential overseas companies
  • Integrated cybersecurity support for global enterprises in sectors like space and defense, where top-tier security is imperative