Cyber Security Consulting

Cyber Security Training & Awareness

Cost-effective, practical solution for security education

Navigating the digital world is similar to exploring a vast city – exciting but riddled with hidden dangers. That’s where our team of Cyber-Experts with real-world experience in ASM (Attack Surface Management) steps in. We're not just teachers; we've been defending against threats like Advanced Persistent Threat (APT), managing attack surfaces, and more. We’re dedicated to ensuring you’re equipped with the knowledge and skills for safe exploration.

MBSD offers a wide range of comprehensive learning and staff development programs, including ASM-focused training, that fit your organization’s cyber maturity and needs.

Why is Training and Awareness Essential?

  • Local Insight with Global Knowledge: Rooted in Japan, our grasp on local intricacies is coupled with international cyber safety standards, including best practices in ASM. We ensure our training isn't just effective but also relevant to our unique context.
  • Tailored Training Customized for Your Organization: We understand that each organization has its nuances. So, whether you're a digital rookie, focused on ASM, or quite tech-savvy, we adapt our lessons to align perfectly with your organization's specific needs.
  • Experience Real Threat Scenarios: With us, you'll get a firsthand experience of real cyber attack scenarios, from dealing with APT to managing your attack surface. These controlled simulations ensure that when real threats knock, you’re more than ready to defend.
  • Up-to-Date Lessons with On-Demand eLearning Courses: The digital landscape, including the realm of ASM, constantly shifts. Not only do we keep our lessons current, but we also offer on-demand eLearning courses. So, you can learn at your pace, anywhere, anytime.
  • Learn from Cyber-Experts: Our trainers aren't just educators; they're seasoned professionals who’ve tackled significant cyber threats, including the challenges of ASM. They bring their practical experiences to the classroom, ensuring you get the best insights.

Key Training Offerings:

  • Instructor-Led Workshops: Our workshops are led by seasoned cyber experts with real-world experience, providing valuable insights and hands-on training customized for your organization's specific requirements.
  • Online Training for IT Secure Design & Secure Programming: Our on-demand eLearning course equips IT professionals with the knowledge and skills to implement secure design and programming practices, including fundamental concepts of ASM. This cost-effective and user-friendly solution ensures your team stays up-to-date with the latest security methodologies.
  • Security Awareness Programs: Designed for both generalist IT staff and end users, our security awareness programs incorporate APT, and other attack simulations to enhance preparedness and response capabilities.

Knowledge is Your Best Armor

In this complicated digital age, arming yourself with the right knowledge shields you from growing threats. Dive deep into the cyber realm with us, not just to dodge dangers but to thrive securely.