Cyber Security Consulting

Cyber Defense Team Development

Build and expand your own security management team

Even with an external help, a secure environment cannot be achieved without the organization’s own employees taking initiatives. Having the capability to detect and respond to incidents as well as manage everyday security operation will greatly enhance the overall security approach.

MBSD assists you by building or expanding your own Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) and corporate Security Operations Center (SOC) that are competent and reliable.

At MBSD, we recognize the criticality of in-house security prowess. We are committed to aiding organizations in fortifying their defenses from the inside out. Whether you're starting from scratch or augmenting existing structures, we assist in architecting and cultivating your very own CSIRT. Our expertise also extends to helping you set up or scale your corporate SOC – ensuring it's not just functional, but truly top-tier in terms of competence and reliability. With MBSD by your side, rest assured that your security foundation is robust, responsive, and resilient. Together, let's build a safer digital tomorrow for your organization.

Our Approach:

  • Assessment: We conduct a thorough assessment of your organization's existing security capabilities, identifying areas for improvement and defining the scope of development.
  • Customization: Our solutions are customized to fit your organization's unique requirements, taking into account factors such as size, industry, and threat landscape.
  • Team Building: We assist in recruiting and training the right talent for your CSIRT and SOC, ensuring a skilled and cohesive team.
  • Procedure Development: Our experts work closely with your team to develop well-documented and clear operational procedures for incident handling and day-to-day security operations.
  • Training & Education: We provide targeted training and educational resources to equip your team with the knowledge and skills necessary for effective defense.

Benefits of Cyber Defense Team Development:

  • Internal Empowerment: Empowering your internal teams fosters a culture of security responsibility and ownership among employees.
  • Faster Incident Response: With a well-structured CSIRT and SOC, your organization can respond swiftly and efficiently to security incidents.
  • Continuous Improvement: Ongoing training and development enable your teams to adapt to evolving threats and improve their capabilities.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Building an in-house CSIRT and SOC can be more cost-effective in the long run than relying solely on external services.

Our Cyber Defense Team Development approach ensures that your organization has the expertise and capability to proactively defend against cyber threats, promoting a resilient security posture for the future.