Cyber Security Consulting

CISO as a Service and virtual team

Outsourcing your CSIRT operations

CISO as a Service and virtual team  - Outsourcing your CSIRT operations

CISO as a Service:

Under the circumstances of global security talent shortage, it is not easy for organizations to hire security professionals with knowledge and leadership required to prepare and execute a security strategy and manage security operations and even more difficult for them to retain such professionals.

MBSD CISO as a service cures such pains by enabling your organization to virtually retain a highly qualified and experienced security professional as your virtual CISO when required. By retaining CISO virtually, your security team can access to an independent expert knowledge and expertise.


  • Planning security audits, assessment, and reviews
  • Developing a cyber security strategy
  • Checking compliance with the latest security standards and regulatory mandates
  • Procuring new security products and services including “even” SOC services
  • Responding to and remediating security incidents
  • Re-checking the effectiveness of existing security controls and procedures

MBSD also provides CSIRT team members in addition to CISO to make your organization’s CSIRT ready for high cyber security resource consumption project.