Incident Response & Handling

Navigate cyber crises with professional support

When a security breach occurs, identification, containment and swift recovery are crucial for restoring an organization’s credibility. Whether it is a malware attack, data tampering, or network infiltration by Advanced Persistent Threat (APT), MBSD will be with you every step of the way to provide a holistic support.

MBSD’s approach to cyber incidents is a combination of proactive and reactive services. For proactive service, our cyber security posture solutions prepare an organization for a breach. For reactive service, MBSD’s Security Force TM will: 1) be dispatched to the scene to conduct an investigation, 2) analyze the method of compromise and damage, 3) assist reporting to law enforcement, government agencies and customers, and 4) provide media handling and litigation support.

Areas of Service

  • Mitigation effort
  • Data recovery & analysis
  • Media handling
  • Litigation support